Inspiration Curtain Room Divider

Inspiration Curtain room divider – If today’s women value healthy snacks, then in the world of interior decoration. Light bulkhead trends have begun, in recent years. What is a light screen? Indeed, a house is built from thick walls, to create various spaces of life. But as time goes by, now people pay more attention to the taste of the room, which makes them use some lightweight materials, to replace the old method or pattern of buildings. For example, by using steel shelves, semi-high stone walls, or even furniture, to separate the room.

Well, today, we want to introduce a lightweight curtain room divider but it’s important to you, the idea is good, you can sample it and apply it to your home. Good luck! This is a project from the Polish design company, Perfect Space, in creating a small dwelling, with unlimited interior creativity.

From the picture, we can see that the bed and sofa are only separated by semi-high wooden walls. Application of this method does not reduce the scope of space and actually owns the actual curtain room divider. In addition, two curtains are also provided on the ceiling, which can be used to make the sleeping area more personal.

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