Instalation Curtain Rod Corner Connector

Curtain rod corner connector – After we have enough preparation. The first is as follows: first find and locate the need to install, if the cover is looking for the edge of the wall. Next is to use a drill to catch screws on the ceiling, walls. Then catch the prepared bowl on the wall with screws. After you finish the curtain, please check that the installation position is correct. If not, then bring the flute blinds up and press the curtain rod into the attached bowl, then put the ball into the ball on the curtain rod.

The feature of vertical blinds is that the curtain rod corner connector leaves are looped parallel to each other, and the leaves are connected perpendicular to the curtain rod and the face. The curtain leaves can rotate, flip 180 degrees and drag to either side or washed out to one side of the door. Blind curtain with two drag and one turn the leaf, a base pull the leaf curtain together.

The above is the installation curtain rod corner connector use of the most popular blinds today. If you have any questions about the installation of wood blinds and other blinds or the need to buy blinds, please contact us for advice and answers as well. It helps you find the type of curtain suitable for your room.

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