How To Install Ceiling Mount Curtain Track

Beauty Ceiling Mount Curtain Track

How To Install Ceiling Mount Curtain Track – Installation curtains on the ceiling is a simple but decorative way to divide a large, multi use space into smaller parts. The curtain increases privacy but makes it easy to remove when the need arises. Fitting curtains along the course of the room is the easiest way to divide the space; to open the compartment, pull the curtains open.

In the selection of the fabric for ceiling mount curtain track, select a thick, durable material which prevents the light from penetrating.  Next, measure the vertical distance between the floor and ceiling by assigning an assistant to hold the lower end of the tape measure on the ground when you walk into the roof on a ladder. Also run the tape over the ceiling where you are installing curtain rods. Cut the roof track 1 inch shorter than the length of the roof with a hacksaw. Inspect the rafters in the part of the room where you will install the curtains. For joists parallel to the walls, using anchors designed for the type of roofing material. For vertical battens, locate and mark the exact location of the beams in the ceiling using a stud finder.

Join tracks together with carpenters, if necessary, before they are placed on the roof where you want the ceiling mount curtain track. If possible, mark the locations for the installation holes on the studs. In the sections where the studs attached files are not available, drill holes for the drywall anchors. Fit wall plugs into the holes. Highlight for ceiling mount brackets were 3 to 5 meters. Screw beams or anchors. To check if the screws are tightened, grab a mount trying to wiggle it with his hand; if it does not give in to the weight, it is safe. Fasten the track to the ceiling brackets and put a cap on one of its ends. Shoot required in the groove, with the help of one for every 5 inches of curtain width, before you put a cap on the other end. Mount curtains from the glass with curtain hooks.

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