Install Shiplap Ceiling Knotty Pine

White Shiplap Ceiling

Shiplap ceiling – It consists of a square rim edge, or groove, typically 3/8-by-3/8 inch material. This allows the thickness of the resulting flap or tongue sticking out along the edge 3/8-inch thick, too, or equal to exactly half of the board thickness. Knotty pine is the traditional pine timber hand-picked for their colorful round knots that add a rustic flavor to the material. Shiplap available as a siding or flooring materials and installation techniques are similar.

Install a shiplap ceiling with the siding and sheathing from the ceiling to expose the design studs. Start at one end of the bottom of the ceiling. Place a board with the tongue at the top joint outward groove, or channel, is against the ceiling, and mark and cut it to fall in the middle of the stud closest to the board’s far end. Use a circular saw to make the cut.  Hold the first board in place and check the pitch with the level. Adjust as needed. Nail the board to each stud with two ring hank, 2-inch nail.

But the next board until beginning to end mark and cut it as before and nail into place. Lay boards in the same way to the end of the line. Set the next board on top, with the tongue edge of the ceiling so that it drops into the channel in the first row. Cut the boards to fit around obstacles such as doors and windows, by placing shiplap ceiling against the ceiling to mark the outline of the adjustments, which is then cut with a jigsaw. Continue to add boards until the ceiling is covered.

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