Install a Single Entry Door with Sidelights

Rustic Entry Door with Sidelights

Entry door with sidelights – Installation of a new single entrance door with double sidelight is not as difficult as it sounds. Most of these units will die in one piece. Replacing your old door unit will save you energy costs each lot, because the newer doors must meet stringent energy codes. Installation of a new single entrance door with double sidelights will also solve any rot or moisture problems you may have with the old door unit.

Install an entry door with sidelights, Take all protective equipment. Cut away the silicone or paint around door trim with a knife. Pry off the old trim with crowbars. Use a hammer to remove any nails. If your trim is screwed onto the wall and then use the cordless drill and screw bits to remove it. Save all trim you want to use as a template to cut the new trim down to size. Cut all the old insulation with a knife. Remove the single door by taking the door off the hinges. Drive them out with a punch and hammer. Remove any nails or screws holding the door to the wall studs. Have a helper hold the door while you do it. Pull the door frame and side lights out with your help. Measuring slot width and height to make certain your new single door and two windows will fit properly.

Install multiple wood spacers on the bottom of the whole opening. Place the entry door with sidelights in the whole opening and level it in place. Continue to level the door unit as you adds more shims and screws until the door is secure. Insert backer rod insulation in the space between the door frame and the wall studs. Spray in non-expanding foam to cover any small spaces. Set chop saw and long table. Measure and cut your trim size. Use the old trim as a template if you like. Do corner cuts at a 45 degree angle so that they line up nicely? Nail trim with 8 penny nails or use more stainless steel screws. Apply a strip of silicone to trim. Let dry overnight.

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