Wall Mount Faucet Bathroom

Install a Tubular Spout Wall Mount Faucet

Wall mount faucet – Tubular spout wall taps attach directly to your house plumbing pipes instead of relying on water pipelines. Usually you will find this type of installation of laundry sinks or large kitchen sinks. Wall mount faucet is a one-piece design. Wall mount faucet uses inlet shanks wire directly on the wall tube. When you install a tubular spout wall mount faucet, it is necessary to measure the distance between the centers of each house pipes to ensure that you have a faucet that fits your plumbing.

Install a tubular spout wall mount faucet, Wrap plumber’s tape around the threads of each water supply pipe coming from the wall. Wrap the wires clockwise, so the band will be on the wires when attaching the various components. Slide the coupling nuts over inlet faucet shanks. There is an inlet shaft for each valve handle. The shaft has inside and outside threads on one end. Thread escutcheon plate over the wires of each faucet inlet shaft. Thread faucet inlet shanks of water supply pipes.

Put a rubber washer over the end of each inlet shaft. There is a recessed area near the port on the end of the shaft for the rubber washer. Do tubular spout wall mount faucet handles and thread the coupling nut over the threads of the faucet handles. Tight every union by a pair of slip-joint pliers.

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