72 Inch Ceiling Fan Emersons

Install On a Vaulted Ceiling with 72 Inch Ceiling Fan

72 inch ceiling fan – A ceiling fan will provide hours of cold air circulation, making the living space more comfortable and reduce air conditioning bills. A vaulted ceiling requires a ceiling fan with a sufficient down rod, which is the ceiling fan neck that connects the wall bracket to the top of the fan. Correct down rod length depends on the arched roof pitch, angle and height. Room surfaces are also a factor in determining the best blade span in diameter 72 inch ceiling fan to accommodate the design.

Roof pitch is an important factor in determining the correct size fan for a vaulted ceiling. Pitch is the roof pitch or slope. A roof angle finder, available at hardware stores, will help you calculate the roof pitch. The ceiling fan down rod must be long enough for the fan blades to clean the ceiling. A fan with a 12-inch down rod works for a vaulted ceiling with a one-quarter to one-third inch crossover.

A ceiling fan blade span should coordinate with the room size and function. The blade span is the longest distance between two tips of the leaves. Rooms for 110 square meters require a ceiling fan having a blade span diameter of not larger than 42 inches. Areas with a 110-150 square meters require a ceiling fan with a 42- to 50-inch blade span diameter. Rooms 300-450 square meters do fine with a 62- to 72 inch ceiling fan diameter blade span.

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