Original Wall Bottle Opener

Install a Wall Bottle Opener Idea


Wall bottle opener – The type of opener. As previously mentioned there are many types of open depending on the need, one thing remains constant in the choice of the type of opening; ensure that it is sustainable. You can never go wrong with the choice of an opener in steel; they get the job done, and if used properly, can last for a very long time.

Select where you want to mount the opener. When choosing the perfect place to mount the wall bottle opener, two things must be kept in mind the distance from the opener to the origin of the bottle and the distance from the opener to the basket. These distances should be as close together as possible, garbage is also located just below the bottle opener.

Mounting the opener. There are a number of ways to do this. If a hole is in the open, you can drill a hole in the wall for wall bottle opener, insert a screw-fit and screw the bottle opener on the wall. This is probably the most durable of the methods, but requires a drill, a screw, screws and, of course, a little technical know-how. The second method requires some very strong double-sided tape (please note that when we say we mean strong double-sided tape, otherwise it simply will not last) or instant dry cement / super glue. The procedure is quite simple. Clean the wall where it will be mounted openers, peel the tape, attach the tape to the wall, peel the other side of the band and keep the bottle opener to it. For quick dry cement / super glue, apply the same procedure.

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