How To Installation Double Barn Door Hardware

Modern Double Barn Door Hardware

How To Installation Double Barn Door Hardware – The double barn door is simply along a track installed above. Before starting the installation, you should ensure that the exact dimensions of your door, so you can properly install the door hardware.

Measure both the height and width of the doorway, where you plan to hang your double barn door hardware using a tape measure. This may be necessary for two people – one to the tape and the other love to read and write the measurements. Cut the length of the track that you need, using a hacksaw. Attach the track to the ceiling or door header with the screws in your door and a cordless drill. The track has to be installed at the height of the length of the door. The underside of the header height should be more than 1 ¾ inch greater than the length of the door.

Measure 1½ cm from the top of the double barn door hardware. Attach the hanger at the intersection of these measurements, with the aid of the screws in the door, and a cordless drill. Place the door guides on the floor if you have hung once the door. Ensure that the door moves freely between the guides before you confirm on the floor, using the supplied screws and a cordless drill.

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