Installing Barn Door Rail

Barn Door Rail Plan

Barn door rail – Funky, barn door on rail apparent industrial style fits into our homes. Available in big box hardware store, it is now accessible to all and easy to install, as long as there is a minimum of skill. Before securing the rail system, make sure that there is enough clearance on either side of the door opening so that it can slide freely. There are different models of rail (black, stainless steel, contemporary, rustic, etc.). One used for the project is suitable for a door width up to 90 cm (36 in).

Barn door rail, painting the door using a brush and a foam roller prior to mounting. To standardize the color, apply first a sub-layer of paint (primer) slightly colored in a similar color to that of the chosen color. Determine the location of the holes on the wall for the installation of the rail.

Barn door rail with a pencil, mark the first hole, which must be at a lateral distance of 10 cm (4 inches) from the opening and a height of 4.1 cm (1 5/8 inches) above the door. The direction of travel thereof determine the position of the first hole: left when the door slides to the right or left if the door slides to the left.

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