Installing Barn Sliding Door

Double Barn Sliding Door

Barn sliding door – Installation of sliding doors barn requires the use of trucks, rail system, which runs or door is moving from side to side and a pair of roller up along this track. Line up your rollers on the sides above the door of the store one foot apart from each other to achieve the best results. With a pen or marker, mark the holes in the base of each roller on the door, even if it is in the locked position. Drill holes. Attach the roller, use a heavy-duty 2-inch wood screws or bolts that come with the rollers. Use of wood glue rollers, during installation, or glue.

Measure the height of the barn sliding door, including two cylinders and write the exact measurements. Now, these measurements are opening the door to the barn. If 10 feet 3 inches, measuring 10 feet 3 inches from the bottom of the door, the opening of the store, and make sure the dark marks, the use of the brand. The center line of the trolley with the following characteristics over the door of the barn open, and makes the sign of the mounting holes on the trolley tracks. There should be at least mounting hole every two metres.

Using hardware barn sliding door, or 1/4 “or 7/16 screws that are long enough to go through the wall of a warehouse. Track screws, mounting holes in each place in this way. Put down the line on the floor of the cage. To set the record straight with a level and then test the alignment of the tracks using a plumb line. Bob Plumb in the middle of the trolley tracks series took place and let the weight of the hanging just above the floor. Position the bottom track so just below the plumb line.

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