Installing Bifold French Doors

Bifold French Doors Install

Bifold French doors – Hide your clutter and disorder behind bifold doors prepacked. A full-height closet can become a catchall for stuff. Installing bifold doors will reduce the temptation to keep putting things in the closet for a few minutes. Selections style folding door are improving all the time so that your wardrobe does not have to resemble pantry door grandma. Installation is relatively simple.

Hang bifold French doors or in an existing cabinet carefully measuring the cabinet before buying doors. Draw a sketch of the cabinet. Measure carefully wardrobe. Measure the entire height and width. Measure the height and width of the opening. Measure any hardware in drawers if the handles protrude beyond the front of the cabinet. Add all measurements for the sketch.

Bifold french doors, buy pre packaged games doors whenever possible. Custom doors are available, but can be very expensive. Modify your design if necessary to use the available sizes and types of pre-packaged sets of doors. Add color with paint or wallpaper sections to match your wardrobe cabinet. Sold in pairs, these doors can be wood or PVC textured and often is white. Avoid adding extra weight with mirrors.

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