Installing Ceiling Hammock

Ceiling Hammock Design

Ceiling hammock – The warm weather arrives and with it our home often opens to abroad. Many of you feel like having a hammock to enjoy the pleasant rolling and freshness nap in it, now you have time to do it. It is important, if you do not want to give you a good shot in the back or to release it after a while, check the stability of securing it. A hammock should bear the weight of one or even two people. This is about 150kg. Given that the hammock is supported by two points, is concentrated loads of 75kg and that’s enough for most structures.

It may be straight or parallel walls angle. In this second case is more complicated because you have to match the distance between the walls and the length of the ceiling hammock, you also are likely to stay in the middle of a step.

Ceiling hammock, structurally it is very important that you aseguréis place yourselves walls where the anchor (you have to assure it that the anchor can hold at least a 100kg weight) are at least 14cm thick. This is what you can see, for example in a door step and if you do not have it, by the sound made by biting his knuckles: If the sound is deaf, then the chances are that it is a thick wall, if the sound is hollow, then it will be a partition. It is not advisable to anchor to a wall a hammock.

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