Installing Ceiling Mount Curtain Rods

Light curtains extending from the ceiling to the floor are an elegant decoration of a room addition. A simple method for installing ceiling mount curtain rods on the wall or window frame is suspended from the ceiling. This method uses a plug for a curtain rod, but a coffee bar would work as well and has the advantage of having ends terminated. Run a stud finder along the ceiling above the window. Mark the ceiling beams in the outer edges of the window. Measure 2 inches from the wall to the center of the room and score points. This is where the eye bolts that hold will delay the pin for curtains.

Paint pin and eye bolts to match the decor of the room. Paint them the same color as the ceiling mount curtain rods will fade into the background. You can also wrap the tape around the hole in the screw eye to hide the metal. Cut the pin length. It should easily cover the distance between the two eye bolts lag with about an inch to spare on each end.

Pilot holes 4 holes in the beams brands. Screw the eye bolts delayed beams into the holes until firmly seated and none of the thread is visible. Stop when the eye holes are perpendicular to the wall. Slide a ceiling mount curtain rods in the ear. Insert one end of the pin into one of the eye lag screws. Hold the pin so that the panel curtain will not fall while sliding the other curtain panel in the ear. Insert the other end of the pin in the other lag screw eye.

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