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Installing Dining Room Vinyl Wall Decal Quotes

Installing Dining Room Vinyl Wall Decal Quotes – You have probably noticed the big trend to put meaningful, inspiring quotes on the walls of your home. These quotes are usually made of vinyl, so they are easy to apply on the wall, and completely removable which makes them good for tenants. You can also buy vinyl cutouts in the shapes and images to decorate your walls that way, but in this article we will only focus on putting words on the walls of your dining room.

Determine what the family or inspirational wall decal quotes that you would like to put on the walls of your dining room. At my house, is an old saying that has taken on new meaning in our family applied just above the chair rail “. All are eating a little dirt before they die” It’s fun and right at home in the room where we eat our family meals ;-). You can choose a quote that is already available, or you can bring your own – almost all vinyl wall decal companies have a cheap “custom” option where you can enter your own text and format it. Order your new vinyl wall decal and, unfortunately, wait for it to arrive :-).

Clean the wall before applying your vinyl wall decal quotes. This is really important so that your decal will adhere properly. Most vinyl wall decals come with investment guidelines, and you can even use a laser to keep the decal straight as you apply it. Stick it to your wall, and then use a squeegee to attach it securely to your wall. Vinyl wall decals adhere to most painted surfaces, without damaging the surface, so you can also use them for lining of your dining room does not have plaster. Host a dinner in the dining room to show off your new vinyl wall decal.