Installing Mirror Bifold Closet Doors

Minimalist Mirror Bifold Closet Doors

Mirror Bifold Closet Doors – First, Subtract 1/16 inch from metering and transfer gathered to mirror bifold closet door seen the tracks. Second, cutting traces on the measurement marks. Third, release the door Snugger if equipped and push it to the middle of the track. Tighten the Snugger locking screw. Fourth, put the top track pivot brackets on each end of the top track. Tight bracket locking screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

Place a pencil mark at each end of the door frame top plate 1/2 inch from the room’s interior wall. Sixth, hold the outer edge of the mirror bifold closet doors set top track against the pencil marks on the door set top plate. Attach the top route to the top plate to the manufacturer’s mounting screws. Set measurement mark 1/2 inch from the edge of the room’s interior wall on the floor next to both sides of the door frame.

Eight, set the inside edge of the mirror bifold closet doors sets. Nineth, the distribution track or the bottom bracket pivot, by means of the appropriate mounting method. Install the pivot pins on the top and bottom of each mirrored bifold closet door panel. Next, place the mirror bi-fold door top pivot pin in the top of the track pivot bracket. Last, select in the closet and shut the mirror bifold doors.

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