Installing Pocket Door Edge Pull

Pocket Door Edge Pull Addition

Pocket door edge pull are a popular type of door closets and bathrooms. The final step in completing a pocket door installation of door pull, which consists of a color edge stick to pull the door out of his pocket and finger grooves on each side used to push the door closed. Pocket door edge pull comes in a variety of designs, as well as locking and access types, but the basic procedure for installation is the same?


Mark a line on the leading edge pocket door at 36 inches from the finished floor surface, and using a hand square to extend the line across the door edge. Place the cutting template supplied with pocket door edge pull the door edge.

Repeat step 2 the opposite side of the door. Use a hand square to connect a vertical pencil line on the inside corner points the slots selected in step 2 and 3, then select a square horizontal line from corner points to the edge of the door at both sides of the door. This will help prevent the wood door surface when cutting the slot in the door.

Cut notches from the edge of the door with a jigsaw, make certain to keep the blade on the inside of the lines made in step 5 to minimize chipping of the door surface. Insert pocket door edge pull assembly in the groove until the edge surface of the pull is flush with the surface of the door edge. Make certain pull the lever pivots from the top. Secure pull the door with the two wood screws.

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