Installing Roman Window Shades

Roman Window Shades Design

Roman window shades – When choosing window treatments for your home, there are a plethora of choices available. Roman shades are fabric shades that cover the window and come together in a horizontal fold. Hangings, also known as curtains are long columns of fabric hanging from each side of the window and drag back on a rod.

Roman window shades measure the width of the window envelope. Measuring within the window envelope in the window inside the housing. Save this measure in the notebook. Measure the height of the upper part of the window casing to the lip of the sill. Record this measurement in your notebook. Measure the ceiling height (just below the crown molding, if you built) to the ground. Save this measure in the notebook. Measuring about 6 inches left of the 6-inch window envelope of the right of the window. Save this measure in the notebook.

Hold the rail head, the top of the shade against the top casing of the roman window shades, just inside the window. Rail should be in contact against the lower edge of the envelope from the top of the window. Attach a 1/16 inch bit to drill and drill pilot holes through the mounting bracket holes on the brackets of the shadows on the left side.

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