Installing Rustic Wood Paneling for Walls

Installing ideas rustic wood paneling for walls anywhere from a log cabin retreat or country designed home. Or in moderation in a more traditional home decor is a great way to bring the warmth. And the texture of the wood inside. It is available in tongue and groove type joints. And also solid sheet designs and panel racks. Or elaborate pieces of raised panels to facilitate installation. And many different types of wood, finishes and grains. The installation of a pine or knotty texture 111 rustic panels requires basic carpentry skills. And an assistant to maintain the level. But it is an option of interior wall finishing of fun that lasts for years.

Install rustic wood paneling for walls, place the wood siding in the room. Where it will be installed for five days to allow the wood to adjust the humidity level of the room. Remove all coverings from baseboards, crown molding, windows and doors by scoring a line above and below them with a knife to separate any putty or adhesive and then lever it on the wall boards with a lever and a hammer.

Install rustic wood paneling for walls, nail boards 1 inch around the window frames and door frames, with 2-inch wood nails. To extend them to be flush with the face of the panels, if necessary. Cut by 6 inch wood strips to fit the full size of the room leaving the door openings aside with a jigsaw. Apply construction adhesive to the 6-inch back side. And also attach plum and flat on the base of the wood wall with 2-inch nails uniformly spaced approximately 16 inches apart. The nails should enter the wall studs.

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