Installing Screen Door Hinges

Screen Door Hinges Plastic

Screen Door Hinges – In are installed on screen doors for a variety of reasons. You can keep a screen door secured even on windy days when the latch is not closed. When you have busy hands or your children or pets are not being aware of the customs the hinge will close the door for you. Some install dock hinges so that a single screen door can be pushed open.

Slide each hinge towards the front of the door and trace the depth of the hinge plate. Unlike regular hinges, screen door hinges do not separate, so they trace only the thickness of one of the plates on the front of the door. This is the depth of the recess of the hinge on the door. Place the edge of the chisel on the edge of the door with the curved side of the chisel in front towards the area of the hinge that will be removed.

Touch the chisel with a hammer until it has been cut into the wood of the depth has indicated the thickness of the hinge plate. Follow the outline of the screen door hinges​ plate all the way around the line drawn for each hinge. Place the edge of the chisel on the line drawn by the top or bottom of each hinge on the edge of the door, with the flat side of the chisel down.

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