Installing Sliding Glass Barn Doors

Popular Sliding Glass Barn Doors

When making reforms sliding glass barn doors, we have to rack our brains to find ways to save as much as possible and minimize the budget. There are jobs that, or yes, you have to professionals if we want a perfect and completely safe result. But there are other things we can do ourselves if we have the knowledge, skill and the necessary tools to carry them out. For example, installing a sliding glass door.

To place this type of sliding glass barn doors you will need a number of basic supplies: screwdriver, hammer drill-screwdriver, mallet or hammer to poke tacos, a small wrench, special spanner, level, metro and pencil. First you have to place the steel guide higher, marking a pencil line at 208 cm of the soil and the same length as the steel tube. Insert plugs 6 mm and set tube supports and fixations of the guide, without tightening completely. Also fixed on the ground the lower guide, glued or screwed and 24 mm from the wall

The next step is to place the bearings, loosening cylinders with an Allen wrench. Separate pieces and fit into holes cylinders of the sliding glass barn doors sheet, placed on a horizontal surface. Re positioning caps threaded cylinders and tighten them with spanner. Hang the blade supporting bearing on the tube in the lower guide. Finish the job by placing the handle: first the two pieces are removed, then the small pegs to the sheet, in the corresponding holes are fixed, and then both sides of the handle (one on each side) fit together, squeezing all with a screwdriver.

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