Wall Mount Fireplace at Big Lots

Installing wall mounted fireplace

Wall mounted fireplaces use electricity, gas or gel to create heat, and, unlike other stoves, does not require a sheath for their installation. This can be both a blessing and a curse. In traditional decor, much of the decoration is done around the fireplace heavily utilizing both core and mantle. But with wall mounted fireplaces, these items are truly voluntary. Even if it takes away some of the traditional elements of decorating around a fireplace. Think about making the fireplace the focal point of the room. Each room should have one, and the fireplace is a logical choice.

You want to place your furniture and accessories around it.Plan to select accessories to enhance the area around and in front of your wall-mounted fireplace. These should complement the rest of the furniture and fittings in the room. Try a low standing coffee table in front of the wall mounted fireplaces. Make sure the stove is higher than the table and that the table is not too close. This will help to draw the eye upward toward the fireplace. Choose a fabric or a great picture to hang above the fireplace. This also serves to draw the eye to the cooker. It gives color, enhancing interiors and covers a wall that may otherwise be empty.

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