Window Scarves and Hardware

Installing Window Scarves

Window scarves are generally made of a thin, light curtain material. Hang the material around a round curtain rod so it dips slightly down over the top of the window to add a touch of elegance. Use window scarves to dress up large and most often used in living areas, you can also use them in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

Place the window scarf flat on board. Fold the scarf in half and iron down easily covers to create a crease. Collect the material toward the center folds in a fan pattern. Loop window scarf over the curtain rod right end, with its increase rests on the bar. With the scarf hanging, adjust the fan fold pattern as needed so the scarf hanging plate. Move the scarf back about 3 meters from increase. Wind a cable tie around scarf and hanging loosely from the curtain rod right side. Locate increase and move 3 meters to the left of it. Wind a cable around the scarf in this place and hang loosely. The centerpiece should be draped down, the queue with the window’s midpoint. Pinch the center point along the bottom crease. Pull the upper folds hanging in the right tie. This provides a window scarves pleated appearance.

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