Instructions for Installing a Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Best Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Tongue and groove ceiling – Tongue and groove ceilings give a room with warmth and dimension to the traditional ceilings missing. More commonly seen on walls and floors, the tongue and groove boards used to make a design statement in your home while hiding less popular colors like popcorn or stucco. Installing a tongue and groove ceiling does not take away space from the ceiling height the way a more traditional drop ceiling does, making it a popular choice for many.

Preparation for installing a tongue and groove ceiling, Remove any existing lamps from the existing ceiling. Measure the length and width of the room. Take measurements along when buying ceiling tongue and groove. Buy a little more than dictate the measurements to allow for any errors. Prime and paint the ceiling tongue and groove prior to installation.

Installation tongue and groove ceiling, Find the joists using a stud finder. Use a hammer and nail to find the center of the joists. Snap a chalk line length of the beam, which marks the center of the beam. Continue this process until all the joists are marked. Place the first board in the attic with the tongue against the wall perpendicular to the floor joists. Have an assistant measure the distance from the groove side of the board to the opposite wall of the top and bottom. Nail the first board in place by nailing through the tongue and into the joists, and through the face of the board and into the joists. Install the second board by pushing the tongue of the second board into the groove of the first board, making sure the two sections are close together. Push the nail using a nail set. Add decorative trim around the perimeter of the room for a finished look that also conceals any gaps due to expansion and contraction.

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