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Interior stair railing – Designing the right handrails for stairs in your home is important for interior design. And safety when using the stairs. Most stair railing corresponds to the color, material and style of the stairs. But some go a little more out of the box and still work. There are a variety of railings that can be installed, depending on the type of stairs, they will be linked.

With wooden interior stair railing is a sturdy wooden railing made of a similar color or type of wood popular. Oak is a popular choice of wood, as it is robust and helps to keep up the balustrade, upright spindles or slats of the stairs. The railing should be strong enough to support an adult male to put his weight on it. It should also be thick enough for anyone to just wrap their hand over the top.

Wood and metal interior stair railing, wood railings and balustrades can also combine with metal poles, creating both a sturdy and good looking stair rail. Because the metal posts are strong no matter what the thickness, are many more design options available than when using just wood. They can be straight or ornate, such as metal vines growing down your staircase. Design should be careful style and decor of the rest of the house.

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