Interior Walls Modern Style Design

Interior Walls – The stone is consider one of the elements that bring more beauty and comfort to a house. If you go around the coatings shops, you will see a large number of options offered in different types of stone with different colors and textures. From the bathroom, we go to the hall of the house. An area of passage between the rooms and the staircase.

This fantastic hall has as main protagonist the stone interior walls that accompany the route of the staircase. Where once again we can see the combination of rustic and modern.  The stones and wooden steps are rustic due to their materials. But the design of the steps and the glass used as protection lead us to a minimalist and contemporary trend. The stone wall works like a small accent in the middle of the decoration so clean.

Contrary to the previous examples, here we can see pieces of very large stone which draw​more attention and reinforces the “small” detail of the wall that ends up being very large. Here we have a fireplace whose wall in which it is insert is all covering with stone. The interior walls​will serve as a backdrop for your memories or for the works of art that you like the most. This second idea is to create moldings on the doors and windows of stone.

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