Interior Window Trim Styles

Good Interior Window Trim Styles

Interior Window Trim Styles – Trim is the wooden molding that frames a window. Although in the field of construction or renovation of your home’s window trim may seem like a low decision on the priority list, the choice of trim style that contrasts with the rest of your aesthetic can be a disaster interior design. Choose a dress style that reflects your style and complements the two colors and types of wood in the rest of the room to deliberate a finished look.

Most interior window trim styles feature simple classic trim profiles that follow the same form as simple baseboards. One of the advantages of conventional lining is that the simple design lends itself well to a variety of finishes. Leave oak or pine natural dish with just a light dye layer for a subtle finish, or brighten a space by painting the trim bright white.

The historic old houses and often include more decorative interior window trim styles that adds a sense of sophistication and opulence to space. Window Victorian-inspired decorative trim typically has more sophisticated profiles that classic garnish. Although some may have decorative trim tip links, most styles are butt joints that squarely meet with a block located at each corner of the window. Wooden panels may present a number of working factory or design additional details.

Some rooms include rope detail running up the length of the lining; other styles use decorative inlay or inlays in central locations on the plate or on the corner blocks. Egg and dart molding is a Greek-style trim that has a series of alternating oval egg-shaped and triangular dart to add texture and visual interest. Custom window decorative trim is also an option, although any custom piece will probably be more expensive than hardware design.

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