Iridescent Glass Tile: Attractive Appearance for Many Years

Iridescent glass tile – glass tiles that have the color fused in them are extremely durable. Consider lining the shower walls with glass. If you want to step out of the ordinary, use tiles shaped like water drops or bubbles. Stay with neutral tones that are not too busy, and the vessel will have an attractive appearance for many years

Iridescent glass tile in a shower with a light overhead creates a shimmering waterfall effect and adds sparkle when you are not there. Walk a little crazy with rebuilding if you have tile tub walls. As your standard bathtub tile becomes outdated, think about replacing it with glass.

Rather than using a traditional subway tile or square tiles in the bathroom, using a new tile form does. Extremely long, thin rectangles called stix is perfect for use on the walls of a modern bathroom. Mounting them vertically in low ceiling spaces to draw the eye upwardly elongate compartment.  Circle tiles, penny tiles or bubble tiles are manufactured in all materials for use in bathrooms as well. Look for glass tile with iridescent glass tile surfaces, ceramic tiles penny in sizes 1/2-inch up to 3 inches in size and circular stone tiles mixed with squares and rectangles in the limits of a whimsical look.

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