Iron Stair Railing Design

Iron Stair Railing Designs

Iron stair railing can provide extra security to your stairs through the support and stability for the needy. Handrails are installed on the wall with special brackets. The brackets are available in a variety of metal finishes and styles. Railing portion can be made as a snuff kit project. Select the same species of wrought iron as your stairs so that it will complement the capabilities of your existing iron stair railing.


Measure the length from the bottom to the top stair treads using a tape measure. Insert the Roman ogee bit in the router table. Adjust the height of the piece and the fence to break into 2-inch wide by 2-inch thick board. Running rail board to the table router with the routed side against the fence. This will create two decorative borders on the rack. The decorative edges are top of the railing.

Use an iron finish to the railing using a brush. Allow the finish to dry for 4 hours between coats if you use more than one layer. Wait 24 hours before the handling after the last layer. Place brackets evenly distributed over the entire length of the railing. Iron stair railing side of the brackets should be flat against the bottom of the rack. Control the screws through the mounting holes in the brackets using a screw gun.

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