Isolate The Replacement Foam Window Trim

Luxury Foam Window Trim

Foam Window Trim – There are two types of insulation that is typically used to improve the efficiency of windows. Fiberglass and foam insulations are both fairly inexpensive and easy to work with. Both are effective and achieve results that most homeowners looking. There are many different brands of foam insulation. Spray foam is becoming increasingly popular for homeowners because of ease of use, cost and efficiency.

First use a hammer to remove the trim on all sides of the window. Be sure to keep your nails in a safe place that you need them to connect again at the end of the project. Second place plastic or drop cloth underneath the area where you work. Foam window trim will drip under the program. Third put on gloves and slowly spray insulation in areas around the window where you removed the trim. Do this on each side of the windows before all is isolated completely with foam.

Fourth allow foam window trim insulation dry. See the manufacturer’s directions for adequate drying times. Fiveth check each side of the window holes or missing foam. New foam to missed areas and allow foam to dry. Sixth use a utility knife to scrape all excess foam around the window. It must be flush with the frame of the reattachment of the window trim. Seventh reattach the window trim and examine the area for leftover foam which can be removed with a utility knife.

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