Kitchen Modern Tile Backsplash in Elegant Look

Modern tile backsplash – kitchen backsplashes are more than just a useful way to protect your walls from food mess, water and steam. They are also a way to incorporate visual interest and act as a focal point. Backsplashes installed just above countertop line and on wall above stove. For contemporary style, kitchen backsplash a useful way to bring in latest home design trends. Small glass tiles are a popular trend in modern home design. They are translucent and colorful alternative to conventional ceramic tiles. They come in many different color combinations to perfectly match your chosen color scheme. Use them to cover entire backsplash or unlike painting or ceramic tile.

In many modern tile backsplash, designers choose not to create contrast with a kitchen backsplash. Instead, they create a clean line by continuing tabletop on wall. This technique is most commonly found on countertops made from synthetic materials such as laminate, but you can achieve a similar effect by means of matching pieces of marble, granite or other stone.

Another alternative to an ordinary modern tile backsplash is a back-painted accent wall. Simply prime and paint wall area above your stove top. Add a design using acrylic or oil-based paint. Then layer a custom-cut piece of glass over your art and mount glass in place. Glass will provide an easy surface to clean when food spash on it.