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Top Carriage Style Garage Doors

Create Carriage Style Garage Doors

Carriage style garage doors – First step is Add the carriage style garage doors lighting to illuminate the garage or driveway. Lamps with an old lantern design, attached to the building or placed on poles on both sides of the door, give your garage door a style from the past. Imagine a sloping four-sided or six-sided glass frame for a 1800s look. Copper or black wrought iron hardware adds to the old world character.

Paint the door a contrasting color from the rest of the garage, such as a white door on a blue, brown or gray garage. For a bold look, paint the door bright green, red or blue for a more discreet garages color. Then, for old-fashioned touch, black wrought-iron arch gives one idea or you can build a wooden trellis frame for an heirloom design. Building a stone limit at the end of the driveway instead of a bow gives a country carriage style garage doors  look, too.

Last, replace the garage door altogether and install a carriage style garage doors. This design has two swing-out doors that can be operated with a remote control. The door should be wood or steel with a wood look. Transportation-style doors often have several small windows at the top. Decorative metal provides matching or contrasting accents. There are different types of garage doors to find out.

Are you really interested in getting some more details about this topic? Carriage style doors for garage are surely one of most favored by home owners. There are many sites that discuss about indoor and outdoor home improvements. Some are just regular and some are exceptional. We got many inspirations about garage doors too. We got them from this source.