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Repairs Ceiling Mounted Curtain Rods

Ceiling mounted curtain rods – Repairs in the apartment continues stretch ceilings are selected; now you need to think about fixing the curtains. Window decoration but refers to the final phase of repairs, but in the case of stretching the canvas on installing the eaves for curtains, you should take care in advance. How to properly attach the ceiling mounted curtain rods to pull a cloth and how to do it smoothly, without disturbing the interior decoration?

For cornice with heavy classic curtains become ornament of a bedroom and ceiling material is not damaged by the weight of the window decoration, you must adhere to the assembly instructions and the best address to experts. Design for hanging curtains is a tire, which is attached to the ceiling or wall.

Eaves installation in suspended ceiling mounted curtain rods does not suffer the hassles. Not to break a pane in the work necessary to observe extreme caution. Fabric ceilings are stronger than vinyl stretch. So to be calmer, you can choose a base fabric for roof. To make things easier, you can attach the holder to cornice wall. So no matter what will be the ceiling. This option is acceptable if, when the ceiling stretch is already mounted, and takes care of fixing the curtains have forgotten.