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Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles

Decorative drop ceiling tiles that are in good condition structurally, though stained or discolored, is a good base to add a new face. The existing ceiling tiles must be removed a few at a time. Work in a well ventilated area; apply contact cement to the face of the existing tiles and on the back of the new coating with a roller or brush. Let contact cement to set for 15 minutes to become tacky. Apply tile face to the old tile evenly, and trim the edges of the new skin with a utility knife. Put the tiles on the ceiling grid as they are completed.

Faux Tin or Wood; some decorative drop ceiling tiles panels constructed of polystyrene is stamped to represent the intricate tin ceilings popular in buildings built in the early 1900s. Tin ceilings were popular for their easy care and fire safety. Polystyrene tiles are very popular for fire resistance and can be painted. Metallic paints are available that mimic the silver and copper of authentic tin ceilings.

When the appearance of a wooden decorative drop ceiling tiles preferably, planks, panels are available to fit a standard drop ceiling grid. These panels trim size with standard carpentry saws and are pre-finished for easy care. Faux wood ceilings are very popular for fire safety.