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Large living room area rug size

How to Choose the Right Living Room Area Rug Size

Living room area rug size – The rug helps define a space within a room addition to decorate and give personality and style to the room. Cheerful colors, striking patterns of soft textures. Anyway, in this case, size does matter! Today we have many options on the market in terms of price, but spending on a carpet is often important.

For this reason it is essential that before buying, you make sure that measures “perfect carpet” for your living room. Take action in the area where you want to install it, a trick to have a visual reference is to use masking tape on the floor to delineate the space itself. Invest in an “ideal” carpet, shape and texture for your living room is important because, offers extra convenience and comfort in this space where we spent hours.

Also choose the size that fits your space is essential, as too small rug in the living room seem lost and trapped too great and would seem much smaller room. There are several factors to consider when choosing a specific size for your carpet. It is important to consider the dimensions of your room and the distribution of your furniture. Usually in the living room we have a sofa, a coffee table and one or two chairs as a supplement distributed forming the relaxation area or conversation, the key is that the carpet fit the area of your living area.

If your budget and room is small, a good option for living room area rug size is to hit the largest part (sofa) to the wall; the carpet (if better rectangular) should be placed in front of the sofa to a “comfortable” distance. The idea is that when you sit on the couch, your feet touch the carpet and not the floor.

The coffee table should fit completely on the top / center of the right Carpet front of the sofa. In large rooms it is very common to create two central areas, a living room and a dining room. In this case you can use two different rugs in size and color to create contrast in these two spaces. Ideally, all parts of the room resting on the carpet in order to provide that “visual balance.” This is possible only when we have enough space in our living room for living room area rug size.