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Decorative Garage Door Hardware – Garage doors are often one of the most overlooked exterior decorating features of a home. However, you can turn the ordinary into extraordinary adding hardware to give your garage doors a car house. You can turn the monotonous garage doors off yesterday into doors that give your garage a High-End and stately look of a rustic transport house. In fact, after adding the hinges you may find yourself tempted to add extras like the carriage style door lifts and strip with decorative designs such as a lion or a horse.

Examine the garage doors to see where the existing hinges are placed. More than likely there will be a “corner piece” on the sides away from the decorative garage door hardware frame. If the current top plate is silver, you should consider painting it black to match the final transport aspect of black hinges. Determine how many hinges you will need to add. For example, if there are three actual hinges on each side, you must add three carriage hinges to make the look consistent. Explore and decide on a hinge style.

The most typical designs have a rustic look, adorned with a design, finishes that look like an evergreen tree or end designs like a sword. Choose a color and finish of the decorative garage door hardware. More prefabricated hinges are made of metal and come in black, copper, silver or tin coated powder finishes and see stamped or hand forged.