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To Complete an Egress Window Well

Egress window well – An egress window is one that meets certain standards so that it can be used as an emergency exit. When refinishing a basement or building a new home, local laws and building codes dictate the criteria for a window to be considered egress.

Firstly to complete an egress window well, add a ladder to a window well if it is deeper than 44 inches. To be able to add a concrete block or other solid structure to raise it above 44-inch limit provided that it does not interfere with your ability to fully open the window. Then, turn the lock on the window if it requires a special tool or key. To be considered egress, the new lock does not require a special tool or key to open.

Design room in such a way that you Dona € ™ t block window. While inspectors likely will not come to your home after you’ve arranged your furniture, you should not place a large dresser or other piece of furniture in such a way that it prevents you from using the egress window well as an emergency exit. However, a small dresser or trunk under the window proves useful, especially for children who may not be able to easily climb up to the window in an emergency.