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Herringbone Tile Floor Hardwood Pattern

Step to Design Herringbone Tile Floor

A herringbone tile floor pattern is an arrangement Interlocking tile where you orient each diagonal row in an opposite direction. Patterns herringbone tiles are generally are twice or three times as are all but you can create the pattern with any rectangular tile. When aligned with the sides of the area you are filling in the edges of the tiles, the arrangement of the herringbone is considered to be 90 degrees. An arrangement of 90 degrees is the easiest to install but can an angle pattern herringbone much as you want.

Frame your space tiles by placing a ring around the perimeter of the area you want to herringbone tile floor. Choose one side of the area to be the front. You start installing tiles in the back of the track and then work forward. Selecting a front side that will help you understand where to place each tile.

Place the first tile vertically against the upper left corner of the area. Align the tiles flush with the top and left side of space. Put a second tile to the right of the first. Align this tile horizontally and place the bottom flush with the bottom edge of the first tile edge. These two pieces will create a form of “L” section with a long horizontal and short vertical section.

Third place tiled vertically below the horizontal piece. Align the right side of the piece with the right end of the horizontal piece. Repeat the process alternating horizontal and vertical tiles until it fills the entire herringbone tile floor area. Along the edges are parts that do not fit in the area. Cut the remaining tile to fit the piece.