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Architectural Radiant Ceiling Heat

Sustainable and Efficient Radiant Ceiling Heat

Radiant ceiling heat is a system still poorly understood, but it is one of the transmission systems more efficient heating systems that are capable of achieving high energy savings thanks to their use. This type of heating is based on heat transmission by radiation.

The radiant ceiling is a revolutionary heating system, radiant ceiling heat more sustainable and efficient, applied since the 50s ago in thousands of installations from countries like Holland or Germany, especially suitable for local high ceiling, since it avoids the problem of stratification, saving up to 46% energy compared to conventional systems. The radiant ceiling has obvious advantages over under floor heating. These include requiring much less work and simpler substitute, reasons why we anticipate that the radiant ceiling is the air conditioning system of the future.

In the case of radiant ceiling heat, however, most of heat is not transmitted as heat energy through a medium, but as infrared radiation that travels through space, in the same way that energy sun comes to us from outer space. This type of heat transfer, not heat the air, but the infrared heat energy become only when they reach a surface, reaching heating. Radiant heating systems most common in the market are floor heating and radiant ceiling.