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Installation Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Costs to Install Wall Mounted Air Conditioner

Wall mounted air conditioner – if you’ve got here is possible you’re wondering how much it costs to install an air conditioner. As you can imagine there are many factors that influence the final price, but broadly speaking, we could say that the price of installing a split air conditioning on a wall is around 250 Euros.

First of all we must be clear about the type of installation you need: If we have an existing pre-installation for an air conditioning. If you’ve had an wall mounted air conditioner unit, have the pre made. In this case, the power supply is lost and piping. If previously we have not had any split and therefore there is no pre-installation. If you’ve never had a split air conditioning before, you must first choose the place where you want to place your computer and then hire a technician to make the necessary connections.

The price difference between the two types of installation is quite large because the first choice piping connections already made prey and in the second, it would be necessary to connect and install pipes and electric connections. The budget we have provided and we do reference at all times corresponds to an installation of wall mounted air conditioner equipment on an existing pre installation.