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Painting Wood Window Casing


Painting Wood Window Casing – Window casing is located in the mold around the window. They are installed for the cold air coming into the room through the window. Casing give finishing touches to the installation window, just like baseboards and door moldings finish a room. They generally fit the same mold used in those applications so that the room has a cohesive look. Outside, the casing matches the style of the house so there are countless designs to choose from.

Then we will see step by step how to paint a wooden window casing. In this way we will make the casing are integrated with the wall color. The room walls are painted our apartment pistachio, so with the help of color swatch, we will choose one in the same range to cover the window casing. Before starting work, to puree area to paint with masking tape and cover the glass with a protective plastic. Remove the wax that has wood casing with a product suitable for this type of work and a cloth. Go over the surface thoroughly with the delta sander shaped that will allow us to reach areas of difficult access, provided with a sheet of fine grit sandpaper.

Next, remove the dust on window casing that may have occurred with the help of a brush. Will apply a coat of multipurpose water primer, quick – drying, to seal the pores of the wood and prepare the surface for painted later. In the narrow angles and areas we work with a stirrer. For other surface employ one foam roller. We’ll latex gloves to work more cleaning. Once dry the product, give two coats of an acrylic enamel satin, suitable for protection and decoration of walls, ceilings, doors and windows both outdoors and indoors. When the glaze has dried, remove the protective plastic and masking tape; thus, we will have finished our work obtaining an excellent result. As you can see, the color offers a wide range of possibilities to create a home to our measure.