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Repair knockdown ceiling texture

Instructions for Knockdown Ceiling Textures

Knockdown ceiling – Knockdown texture is seen in many drywall ceilings. It provides a subtle earthy texture to a room, and helps hide many minor flaws in the instillation of drywall. Creating a fall texture has two parts: the pulverization of the texture, and then flatten with a spatula. This task can be challenging, so it’s a good idea to practice a couple of times on cardboard or gypsum waste before moving into your living room. Deck the walls and floor of the room with plastic sheeting, held in place with adhesive tape low grip. Connect hopper gun to an air compressor with an air hose. These tools can be rented at most hardware stores. Set the air compressor 30 to 40 PSI. You can adjust later if the pressure is too big or too small. Mix a batch of drywall compound all-purpose following the package instructions. This is normally done in a bucket using a drill with a mixer blades attached. Slim down with additional water until the consistency of pancake mix nasal.

Fill hopper one third of fully with compound thin gypsum panels. You will need to refill frequently, but if you add the risk of spilling out as you point up the gun run. Adjust the nozzle of the gun hopper means using the thumbwheel on the front setting. Spray the drywall compound of the hopper on a piece of cardboard. Adjust air pressure until the size of the splash is where you want it. This is a personal choice, depending on how you want your knockdown ceiling texture, but the heavier textures tend to hide more defects. Spray drywall compound on the ceiling, working in overlapping soft strokes. Keep the gun moving at all times to avoid thick areas accumulating on the roof. Do not try to obtain full coverage; there should be no gaps between the drops of the compound.

Let dry knockdown ceiling for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse with water hopper gun during this time to prevent the drywall compound to dry in it. Clean the roof with a falling knife, which looks like a wide scraper slightly. Composite drops flatten, becoming a texture fall. The work of the roof edges toward the center. If lines forming compound at the side edges of the blade, still is not dry enough. Wait five minutes and try again. Wipe the knife with a cloth while regularly shoot down texture around the roof, which works on the same basic pattern that has applied the drywall compound. Allow the roof to dry overnight, then prime and paint as desired.