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How To Decorate With Mirrored Subway Tiles

How To Decorate With Mirrored Subway Tiles – Subway tiles, commonly found throughout the New York underground metro stations, are rectangular mirrored subway tiles are also used in many houses. People often use mirrored subway tiles in both modern and traditional bathroom, kitchen, and around fireplaces.

Select color, size and glaze of the mirrored subway tiles. Standard tiles are white and three of six inches, but the subway tile is available in lots of sizes as small as one of 3 inches and as large as six to 12 inches. The glaze is matte or glossy, and scratchy or smooth. Decide whether you want to use handmade tiles or machine made tiles. If you are using handmade tiles, you will need to use spacers to keep them at a distance equal to one another. If you use the machine made tiles you do not need to haul. Plan layout. If all the tiles have the same color and size brick patterns are easy to follow. If the tiles are stained or used with other glass or ceramic tiles, lay out the pattern on the floor or a table to move the tiles around for proper placement.

Install the backer board on the wall so that the mirrored subway tiles have a smooth surface on which to follow. Measure the wall and tile to make sure you have enough. Start at the top corner of the area you are tiling and spread glue on each side by side or on the wall as adhesive instructions. Press plate on the wall with a small rotary movement. Continue with the rest of the plates until finished. Cut edges of the edges with a diamond blade to create the brick style pattern. Spread grout over the tiles dried on the plates requires. Use white grout or a colored grout for a modern look.