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Beige living room – living rooms are perhaps the larger cockpits around the home, and more social areas. They got together to hang out, eat, or even work; It is for this reason that these areas must meet all of these needs and do it in style. Let this fabulous model in cold tones where the royal blue predominates. This color represents seriousness, knowledge and power. It is free of emotions and passions, unlike the colors range from warm, so it is perfect for areas devoted to work.

Beige living room is very current combining muted greens and gray interior decoration, and this is the easiest way to bring natural to places without creating too strong contrasts. Now, let’s look at some examples of designs of living rooms and lounges that have been used colors range from warm.

Starting with the yellow, we note that symbolizes the sun and represents feelings and sensations of energy, happiness and intelligence. Often it is associated with meals and is proven to produce certain reactions in us such as build muscle mass or stimulate our mental creativity.

Beige living room shades of purple or lilac also provide energy, but in different ways. This color symbolizes power, ambition and wealth, but also is associated with wisdom and independence. In the picture above exudes luxury and extravagance, every detail occupies a proper place creating perfect harmony in the decor.