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Tips to Mounting Outdoor Stair Railings

Outdoor stair railings – Handle must be installed at the right angle, whether you install it on the wall or between two positions. For a wall, start at the step second from bottom and measure from the nose or edge of the tread, using a level or straightedge. Incorporate thickness railing and brackets in your calculations for wall installations. When the hand rail will installing at an angle, measure the thickness of the handrail diagonally. Make marks on the wall or posts where the railing to be installing.

If you install the outdoor stair railings on a wall made of wood cladding, make sure the screws penetrate through the 2-inch by 4-inch studs. Then for a brick wall, install brackets every 48 inches. Insert masonry screws in the mortar joints so you do not crack the material. Snap a chalk line between the two end marks to line up the brackets at all points along the line.

Furthermore, fix stair handrail to newel posts by inserting a 4-inch layer bolt through Newel posts in the stair railing. Countersink the screw and set the opening. So, this is one of the most viable methods for installing a handrail. May you like this tips about outdoor stair railings.