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Exotic Kitchen with Smoke Glass Subway Tile

Smoke glass subway tile – give your kitchen a taste of the exotic island life with glass accent tiles to break up an orange and teal marble backsplash. Bright colors like orange and teal gives Carribbean tones and tastes; brown and orange paired even achieve these style goals. Leave enough space on a brown ceramic tile backsplash of subway tiles in orange and gold placed in a diagonal pattern. This style pattern works well on a great backsplash that you need more space for the placement of the plates.

Create a contemporary pattern by placing a red, black and silver accent tiles in a backsplash of traditionally sized sheets of clear smoke glass subway tile. Create the opposite effect by adding simple ceramic subway tiles in dark shades of teal, purple and orange small-sized pattern to a backsplash that is predominantly plates into 1-inch-by-1-inch form.

Retro kitchen, full of chrome and plastic charms, you need a certain retro-flavored backsplash. Place a piece of pink and orange subway tiles in the middle of green ceramic tiles in the smaller size tiles. Alternative color choices include lime green and yellow subway tiles on a background of pink smoke glass subway tile.