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Warm Spanish Tile Backsplash Tuscany Theme

Spanish tile backsplash – Tuscany design incorporates the colors, textures and materials found in its surroundings. This means natural stone products, terracotta and a palette of warm colors lightened by blues and greens are in the heart of a Tuscan kitchen design. The backsplash kitchen is the finishing touch of most kitchens; A place to complete the style of the kitchen design. To finish the Tuscany kitchen, the design of the dashboard is integral.

For a simple spanish tile backsplash kitchen that complements Tuscan kitchen designs, choose a fallen marble tile with a lot of natural variation and a warm color. Stones like Giallo Sahara between pale yellow and gold a deep mustard move through the kitchen. The worn finish of the stone with the changing natural colors, make the perfect accent to a Tuscan kitchen design. Of added interest, run a straight stone row along the counters and a straight stone row below the cabinets. Fill the space between the stone on the diagonal.

The warm terracotta tones are everywhere in the design of Tuscany. Take them to the spanish tile backsplash of the kitchen with tile. Select a meter tab in a pale, apricot color in a scroll pattern along the counters. Tile switch to a herringbone pattern behind the stove. To highlight the board and enhance the color, select a mosaic tile glass blue sky. Accumulate a row of tiles from a mosaic on the counter and use them to frame the tiles behind the stove.