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Vinyl Terrazzo Floor Tiles

Vinyl Terrazzo Floor Tile

Terrazzo floor tile – Floor is one part of the house which was very instrumental in providing comfort to the occupants. Many people try the best as possible floor of the house in order to feel comfortable and look clean and beautiful for example by providing a layer of tiles on the floor of his house.

There are many types and names for the tile floor of the house, such as ceramic, terrazzo or terrazzo, tile, marble and others. Here we will try to make one type of tile can be used to coat the surface of the floor of the house is terrazzo floor tile. Terrazzo floor tile is a home building materials that are used as a cover (finishing) the floors and walls or other furniture, terrazzo floor tile its nature as artificial marble. There are two types of terrazzo floors, the surface is shiny and rough surface (pebble wash). This difference is caused by differences in rock mixture.

In the golden age, the material terrazzo floor tile reaches 80 percent of the total floor covering products. Society puts the user at the time the product terrazzo floor tile as the main alternative product to cover the floor of the building, where terrazzo used from start residential, office, hotel and other buildings, except in schools that still use the cement tiles. Characteristics can cause terrazzo more appreciated by the public because of the convenience, cleanliness, and strength (durable).