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Wonderful Vinyl Wall Decals

Applying Multi Colored Vinyl Wall Decals

Applying Multi Colored Vinyl Wall Decals – Multi colored vinyl wall decals consists of the label itself (picture) and the protective coating (thin layer of protection behind the Wall Stickers). To apply it, place the sticker with the protective cover in the place you wish to fix it. Take about 5 cm from the protective cover and fold it down. Unfold slowly out the protective cover down while pressing the adhesive part to the surface with certain movements from the center towards the ends.

While removing the protective cover of Multi colored vinyl wall decals. After removing the entire protective cover, only the picture remains attached to the wall. The vinyl wall decals, this means that it can be removed and reapplied as often as you want, without damaging the wall or wall ticker.

If you want to vinyl wall decals will cover a larger area, order a larger size so you can cut off excess material. You can clean the vinyl wall decals with a soft, dry cloth but never with anything abrasive. If at the end, after you applied the label, are any bubbles or trapped air, you should pierce it with a needle and squeeze the sticker. It is easy to remove Wall decals. To simplify this process, you should first warm up decals using a hair dryer. After this, gently peel it from one end while you heat up the part that is attached to the wall. Follow this procedure until all the cards have been removed from the surface that they were stuck on. When removing the stickers, it is possible that some adhesive residue remains on the wall, if that is the case, you can remove it by using a damp cloth.