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Different types of Window Toppers

Window toppers – Apered Valances. A tapered valance is short through middle length window and curves downward in conical points along the window sides. Tapered valances have a more tailored look, either through stitched pleats or wide pockets that create a total look. Straight, pleated style valances are boxy and sharp because the pleats and fabric between each fold lies flat.

Conical box pleats have less of a curve in the loser and more of a right angle; they use a minimum amount of material. On the other hand, overall conical caps often twice as much material as their counterparts pleated, simply because an overall appearance requires meters of fabric to be successful. Overall mounts are either broad flat rods or large round bars, which slipped into pockets sewn into the top of the drapery. Collector is tight and evenly to achieve the right visual effect of window toppers.

Cornice window Toppers; Today, a cornice be made of wood, fabric or both. Three cornices appear as an architectural feature in a room: a box with carvings, cutouts or molding that echoes skirting or ceiling molding. Its original purpose was to disguise raised shades. A drug just cornice equals total tops without wrinkles; it is pulled tight. Eaves is always mounted outside window frames, leaving the inside frame free of functional window treatments.